Doodlebugs: Grant's Gothic Glass


February 26, 2021


Starts at 10:30 am





Grant Wood’s most famous artwork is “American Gothic,” named for the pointy window behind the farmer and lady in the painting. But did you know Grant also created windows? See some of his stained glass work and then make a gothic-style “window” you can hang in your home!

Supplies: To do the art project along with Miss Erin, you’ll need these materials at the ready: Plastic zippie bags, permanent markers like Sharpies (washable or water-based markers won’t work on plastic), pencil & scratch paper, tape. If you don’t want to use permanent markers, you can also do this project using washable markers on regular copy paper, or any thinner paper that lets light shine through when you hold it up to a window.

Zoom info:

Meeting ID: 569 551 9009

Passcode: Doodlebugs