The Engineering Department participates in the City's review of the planning, design, and construction of a variety of public works, utility, and development projects. The City Engineer has a basic understanding of the City, State, and federal regulations and the zoning ordinance and other related City codes. The Engineer participates in the City's review of subdivision and building plans and assists in the compliance inspection of building and development construction. The Engineer works with City staff, contractors, general public, boards and commissions to provide input on engineering related issues.

The City Engineer, through the knowledge of the practices of civil engineering, leads the preparation of plans and specifications prepared by independent consultants to develop projects from concept stage to construction stage. Projects are developed in accordance with the goals of the City Manager and City Council.

Engineering Standards & Specifications

The City of Hiawatha follows an adopted set of engineering standards for the design and construction of public improvements. The engineering standards regulate both public improvements and private work that will be either dedicated to or accepted by the City. In addition, all work within the public right-of-way is governed by these regulations. They are intended to provide for coordinated modern development with adequate facilities to serve and protect the users.

Standards that have been adopted:

View the Statewide Urban Design and Specifications (SUDAS)

View the Design Manual

View the Specifications Manual

Read the City of Hiawatha Supplementary Specifications to SUDAS, adopted 1-20-2021

Read the City of Hiawatha General Supplement to SUDAS Design Manual

Written comments regarding the SUDAS Specifications or Supplementary Specifications can be directed to:

Jon Fitch, P.E.
City Engineer