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Safety First 24/7

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Fire Station 2, Fire Station 1 Phase II Remodel, and Safety Training Center

An even safer community; bringing help within 4 minutes to 92% of the community

Increase the safety and wellness of Hiawatha First Responders

No Tax increase; Funded with Local Option Sales and Service Tax.

Statement of Need

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The Hiawatha Fire Department has seen calls for service more than double in the past ten years. This increase in calls is due to both residential and commercial growth within the city. During this time, the city has seen tremendous growth to the north with city boundaries crossing County Home Road. This growth has dramatically increased the service demand area for the Fire Department. As the Hiawatha community evolves, the department has outgrown the ability to provide fast and efficient services to the entire community and its citizens. The department has also outgrown its current station due to increased staffing and size of equipment.

The Fire Department can no longer efficiently provide services to the entire community or adequately train staff. We are out of space at the current station, which also needs improvements. Adding a second station, construction a training center, and remodeling the current station allows us to provide services to the entire community, train our first responders, keep staff and volunteers safe from carcinogens, and continue to recruit and retain the best volunteer and career members for the city into the future.

Safety First 24/7 Projects

#1 - Fire Station II
1550 Stamy Road

The new 18,610-square-foot Hiawatha Fire Station No. 2 features four double-deep apparatus bays, enlarged training facilities, living quarters, administrative areas, a training tower and expanded apparatus support. Careful thought was put into the separation of administration, living, and apparatus spaces ensuring the health, safety, and comfort of all building occupants. Also, thought was put into maximizing natural lighting in the living quarters and administrative areas which resulted in support spaces including restrooms, storage, mechanical, shower, and restroom areas being pushed to the building interior leaving space at the perimeter for occupied spaces such as office, day rooms, and training facilities.

station no.2 front view station no.2 new layout

"This project is an obvious need for our community. The growth of our city means our public safety resources must also grow. We are committed to the safety of all Hiawatha residents and businesses, as well as to the safety of our first responders”

-Bill Bennett, Mayor

#2 - Fire Station I Phase II Remodel
60 10th Ave

Today, Fire Station 1 is under remodel, which is adding private sleeping dorms for staff and volunteers. Phase II of the Fire Station 1 facility will finish out the full remodel adding a needed classroom for trainings and meetings.

station no.1 remodel layout

Current Phase I of Fire Station 1 remodel

"The City of Hiawatha has experienced remarkable growth in size, population, and economic development over the past several years. The Fire Department has seen a corresponding growth in demand for fire and ambulance services. The addition of a second fire station is needed for the community and for the Fire Department"

-Matt Powers, Fire Chief

#3 - Safety Training Facility
1410 Robins Road

A separate Fire Department specific training facility is vital to ensure our first responders are trained and prepared to perform the skills and tasks that are required of them. This specialized training facility provides a realistic environment and conditions to train in that can not be accomplished by other means. The facility will be constructed to be specific to our community and our community risks.

new training facility layout

Advantages for constructing a Fire Department Training facility:

  • Provides a location and facility to train that is not in a residential neighborhood Allows for training new First Responders in a controlled setting
  • The facility will be designed specifically for training firefighters so we do not have to use buildings not designed for fire department training which can cause damage to those buildings.
  • Can be used for training skills related to all hazards that the fire department responds to including fire calls, rescue calls, EMS or Ambulance responses
  • Provides a location to store, use and maintain specific props related to high-risk, low frequency tasks that need to practiced
  • Location to perform large group drills
  • The facility will be specific to our community needs
  • Location to train with our Automatic and Mutual aid partners.
  • Location provides the ability to train while members are on duty, allowing them to remain available to respond to emergency calls

"Firefighters in Hiawatha are grateful that the city leadership is working to provide much needed updates to the fire department facilities. In November 2021, the Hiawatha Firefighters Association formally expressed support of the current plan for a second fire station, added training facilities, and upgrading of the current fire station. We appreciate the community's support of their fire department and its members."

-John Zlabek, President of the Hiawatha Firefighters Association

This project will increase the safety of our volunteer first responders all while avoiding an increase in our property tax levy.

NO TAX INCREASE! Local Option Sales and Service Tax (LOSST), passed by 2021 voters, will be utilized.


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Total Budgeted Allocation: $7,200,000

Scheduled to Open March 2024