The Hiawatha Water Department is reminding everyone to flush all the water lines in buildings that have experienced diminished use lately due to Covid-19. Water within a building can and will get stagnant over time if not flushed out or used on a regular basis. Over time the chlorine residual will dissipate out of the water. When water sits idle for extended periods of time, it can create water quality issues such as taste, odor and loss of bacterial control. Flushing all of the water lines in a property will allow the water to maintain its great quality for use.
Water Department will resume flushing fire hydrants in 2021. The plan is to begin flushing on March 22nd and be finished by Friday April 30th. Along with flushing fire hydrants yearly, Hiawatha does have a looped water system to keep the water quality up. We also have auto flushers in specific areas of the city that keep water moving.
Please feel free to contact our office Monday – Friday 319-393-5556 if you should have any questions. We do have limited staffing at this time and will return calls as received.


Hiawatha Water Company was founded in 1949 by Fay M. Clark. The water company was a privately owned company which served 11 customers at the time. It was purchased from Fay M. Clark by The City of Hiawatha in 1960. At that time the residents of Hiawatha voted to set up a Water Board of Trustee to operate the Water Department. Today, the Water Department operates 5 wells, an iron removal plant and two 500,000 gallon elevated storage tanks. We also maintain approximately 40 miles of water main, 400 fire hydrants, 800 water main valves and 2300 water meters. Our average daily demand is approximately 750,000 gallons per day which increases to 1.2 million gallons per day in the summer months. Along with removing iron, we adjust the fluoride, disinfect the water with chlorine and add polyphosphate for corrosion control.

Our office hours are from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday.

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