Amnesty Day


May 3, 2021


Starts at 7:00 am





lease have items placed by the curb before 7:00 AM on May 3, 2021. It is important to remember that large appliances and metals must be set out separate from the rest of your items. They will be picked up by a different vehicle. It is illegal to include any of the following in the curbside collections: Waste oil and solvents, batteries, deposit beverage containers, pressurized and LP tanks, cans with undried paint, cardboard and florescent bulbs. Please contact Linn County Solid Waste Agency (319) 377-5290 for more information on these items.

Broken Glass

This MUST be placed in a plastic bucket or other suitable container. Windows and doors with broken glass will not be picked up.

Small Items

Do not place these on the ground. Use trash cans or plastic bags as containers. Mark trash cans with a red “X” if they are to be discarded.

Large Items

Other than doors or furniture, nothing longer than 4 foot will be picked up. Please cut up railroad ties, plastic, lumber, carpet and drywall in 4 foot lengths and tie in a bundle. No large demolition project debris. Remove nails, screws and all hardware from all lumber, trim pieces, drywall, etc.

Metal and Appliances

These will be loaded in a separate truck for recycling and must be separated from other rubbish.

TV’s and Computer Monitors

You can recycle tv’s and monitors for free at the Earth Day Cleanup Event on April 24, 2021 or contact Linn County Solid Waste Agency for drop-off locations at (319) 377-5290 or visit their website at  The City WILL NOT pickup tv’s and monitors during Amnesty Day.